3/4 shot of Gene W Turcotte
I am a real estate professional that helps others build their dreams into reality in real estate. As an owner of two properties, successfully completing all necessary requirements to become a licensed real estate agent, and forming a partnership with Royal LePage Top Producers as a REALTOR®, I have extensive knowledge and experience in this field.

I have various backgrounds in sales and operations. In real estate, I am proficient at locating property, negotiating, completing the transaction, offer to purchase, and I believe in the REALTOR® Code. I was an Account Executive with 10+ years of successes with multi-faceted expertise that crossed sales, brand management, product development and account merger. I am also a member on LinkedIn.com. Invite me to connect!

My entire life, I grew up living in Winnipeg, Manitoba and during the summers, live the cottage life dream in Kenora, Ontario. I am married to Sandy Turcotte who is actively involved as a Principal at École Île-Des-Chênes and is the Manitoba representative for the Canadian Association of Principals. Our son Charlton attends École Marie-Anne-Gaboury during the day and at night time takes swimming, mixed martial arts, catechism, piano, and plays video games.

I am a boating enthusiast. I also enjoy sports, travel, photography, music, guitar, piano, and the occasional tweet. Follow me on twitter!

I have travelled to several countries and have gained invaluable knowledge through my experiences, while sharing with others.

I have worked with distributors, physiotherapists and families as an account representative and manufacturer’s representative.

In Terms of Enterprising vs Support Role Possibilities

I would be described as extremely competitive, assertive, determined and goal oriented. I display new and creative ways to reach my personal and work objectives. Given an aim, objective or requirement, I am able to develop my own plan, manage my time and focus my effort on a daily basis to reach my goals. Being a self-manager comes very naturally to me and these skills are refined through formal training on an annual basis.

In Terms of Style and Strength for Various Motivations

I could be described as being motivated primarily by a genuine concern for the well-being and needs of others. People see me as quite calm, steady, predictable, stable and cooperative. Given an opportunity to focus my efforts on the achievement for some meaningful and perhaps demanding, long term ‘person-oriented’ goals, I could become a very loyal, dependable and dedicated member of the team delivering the product or service. Generally, my motivational pattern will produce the greatest personal satisfaction and my best performance in positions requiring ongoing commitment to goals which I feel serve real merit in alleviating the distress or adding to the quality of life to the people who receive the results from my efforts.

In Terms of Independence vs Need to Be in the Team

I can be described as extremely strong willed, demanding, firm independent and resolute. I seek responsibility and dislike constant supervision. I am an individual interested in developing my own skills, and innovative in developing my own methods of approaching business, perhaps even to the extent of conflicting with existing company procedures. In a team situation I would be most likely to move as quickly as possible into a team leadership role if I decided to participate in the team at all.

In Terms of Orientation Towards the person Side of Business

I would be described as somewhat sociable, enthusiastic, cheerful, lively and entertaining. While valuing social interactions, I may be somewhat reserved in my initial contacts with new people. The achievement of goals would be through personal relationships developed over a very long period of time.

In Terms of Orientation Towards Technical and Practical Concerns

I am extremely logical, reflective, analytical, factual and very practical. I enjoy things that challenge my capacity to learn. For the sake of interest as well as necessity, I become an expert in things that intrigue and challenge me. I like to be creative and conceptual. I enjoy solving intellectual challenges by thoroughly investigating the facts and data associated with a particular issue. My introspective and self-controlled behavior may be interpreted sometimes by others as being aloof and preoccupied.